Dear Members,

Thank you so much for being a part of our community and for attending our event. Your presence and support are like the cherry on top of our spiritual sundae! Whether you’re just here to hang out or to shower us with your brilliant feedback, we are equally thrilled.

Just a heads-up: this feedback form isn’t anonymous, but don’t worry, only our top-secret team of privacy ninjas (myself and three others) will see it. It’s necessary for the form to be non-anonymous so that we can follow up on your valuable feedback and ensure your suggestions are carried out. Your thoughts, whether they make us smile or give us a nudge to do better, are priceless and will help us keep things awesome.

With endless gratitude and full of mettā
Lily Siswanto

What feedback would you like to provide?
For the area of improvement, if the administration agrees to implement, would you like to spearhead?

Thank you for your feedback.

We truly appreciate it as we strive to do our best and bring the most value to our members. We value constructive and positive feedback and always welcome support.

Please consider helping us realize your dreams and the dreams of others for the betterment of Buddhasāsana.

Sādhu… Sādhu… Sādhu…